December 5, 2010

Healthcare in the Great U S of A

My mom, in her 70s, is a no-nonsense lady from the "Show Me" state of Missouri. She's definitely open minded, but not new age or inclined towards "alternative" non-western culture and practices. She's also dealt with plenty of health issues, including at least one knee replaced. This is all by way of background for the following, which I excerpted from an e-mail of hers to an old friend:

I have been seeing an acupuncturist and have had some real breakthroughs in my lower back and shoulder. I overdid while in NYC a year ago and ended up not being able to go up stairs using alternate feet. I had two injections at a spine center in May with no improvement. After 2 acupuncture treatments recently the problem was gone. Yesterday I saw her for my shoulder which has been so weak and sore for about 3 mths. and I'm much better today. I called Medicare and they won't provide any coverage so I'm going to lobby them and my congressman (who is a dope). Probably won't do a bit of good, but will get it off my chest :-).



Mark Prime said...

The non-western way is, or so I've been told several times, the way. If- No. When I find myself with a failing body part, I will first go the acupuncturist oway or another non-western way.

Mark Prime said...

By the way, (again), I am originally a Show Me native myself! Southwest Missouri via Kansas City, MO to a 180 acre farm until the age of 14, then Arkansas. Go figure.