December 3, 2010

Deficit Commission Corporate Compromise

Here's a "compromise" for you from the "bipartisan" deficit commission (as if Democrats and Republicans aren't captured by corporate power and actually represent the broad range of people's interest... oh yea, I forgot. Corporations are people too).

It would eliminate or scale back tax breaks — including the child tax credit, mortgage interest deduction and deduction claimed by employers who provide health insurance — in exchange for rate cuts on corporate and income taxes.

Can you believe it? Close a loop-hole for corporations, but "in exchange" their tax rates are cut to get them to go along. Reminds me of a Sci-Fi book I'm reading in which the "Transnats" rule. Not that different than today, except in some bankrupt countries, and on mars, there is no government of the people and the Transnats set the rules... or leave it to the whims. Yes. "Freedom."



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libhom said...

The corporate media keep marketing it as a "deficit commission" despite their support for deficit increasing tax cuts for corporations and the rich. The Cat Food Commission and the Big Media are beholden to the same corporate interests.