September 25, 2010

Mideast Surrender Negotiations: Part 2

The number of Google search results for a phrase isn't a scientific survey or anything, but it is one measure of the sketchy term "buzz." So in writing this blog post I looked up the phrase Mideast Peace Negotiations with the following result:

The number, 578,000, seemed a bit low to me, having done other searches and seen results in the millions. Maybe this is the punchline of my ramblings... that the search result number is low; however, I more-or-less shrugged at that observation.

Then, having written in Spring 2008 about "Mideast Surrender Negotiations" I searched for that term. I literally jumped in my seat when I saw the number of Google search results:

How can it be that there are 2,930,000 results about surrender negotiations when we're being told these are peace negotiations?

This is all a side-track of my original intent, which is to re-visit the sense I have that these so-called "peace" negotiations have a feel of being surrender negotiations. I'll do that in my next post.


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