September 29, 2010

FBI: Uniformed

I just wrote a post about how the FBI employees are so uniformed that their biases are resulting in these raids on peace and social justice activist that tear at the fabric of our democracy... but poof! Blogger nixed it.

Bottom Line: We need to insist that one response to the Department of Justice General Inspector reports is that a major awareness training is conducted for FBI employees about the history of labor struggles, Palestinian struggles, US intervention in Central and South America, etc.

Nuf said for now.

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David G. said...

When you said that Blogger nixed it, did you mean that they took it off your blog?

If that is the case, it's time you got a .com site.

P.S. I'm Daniel Smythe now called David G. I got your address off Falling on a Bruise. Great to see you still try to change the world. Just as well. Obama didn't!