May 14, 2010

Showdown in America

Pushing for action, "Showdown in America" says it succinctly:

The big banks destroyed our economy and have hijacked our democracy. Corporate lobbyists representing the big banks paved the way to deregulate Wall Street and are now standing in the way of reforms that would protect people and strengthen our economy.

Their next Action targets the lobbyist version of marketing's Madison Avenue: K Street in Washington, DC.

On May 17, everyday people from across the country will descend on K Street in Washington, DC. K Street is ground-zero for the corporate lobbyists that are driving gridlock in Washington. Our plan is to draw a direct line between Wall Street CEOS, their hired guns on K Street, and the elected officials who have become addicted to Big Bank campaign contributions.


Showdown in America



libhom said...

I hope that the protests eventually will go after the people who pay those lobbyists.

opit said...

Somehow I don't think drawing the line is the tough part. Doing something with that knowledge is another matter.
And while I'm here, note OOIBC is now Antemedius

GDAEman said...

opit - Yes, doing something. I'm exploring the principled left & right combining efforts to do something to achieve common goals: GDAE Podcast Episode 30 (20-min abridged version).