May 6, 2010

Challenge Corporate Charters

The BP Oil spill and Massey Energy mine explosion have a number of things in common, whic lead to the same conclusion; it's time to challenge their corporate charters.

Aside from the obvious, that both are fossil fuel extraction corporations, they both have bad records for worker safety and environmental protection. They also demonstrate a patter of flaunting laws by paying fines as a cost of doing business.

These two corporations exist as a privilege not a right. Their corporate charters, bestowed by "the people" through their governments, bestows many benefits, such as limited liability for the humans that act within the corporate construct.

It is nigh time that we challenge the privilege of corporate charters held by corporations that are persistent bad actors.

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1 comment:

libhom said...

I don't know how much protection corporations have gotten from the politicians and the courts. What you want might require passage of legislation, legislation that would be more than worth fighting for. This is an important area of discussion, and I'm glad you are bringing it up.