February 25, 2010

Speak Out on Health Care

My message to the White House on the GOP (McCain's) call to "start over":

If you are forced to "start over with a clean slate" on health care, the administration's initial position should be "medicare for all" or some other single payer system. Then, your compromise can be the inclusion of a public option. The GOP needs to be careful of what it wishes for.

We all know, having watched "the process," Mr. McCain, that the GOP did not operate in good faith as the healthcare legislation was developed. Republicans used stalling tactics, including disruption of town hall meetings, to try to derail any progress.

Let your voice be known at the White House on single-payer approach now.

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PENolan said...

I never wrote the White House before. Thanks to you and your convenient link, now I have.

Can't hurt, might help.

GDAEman said...

Thanks for the note PENolan. Pass it on.

libhom said...

My Comment to the White House:

Please stop playing footsie with the HMOs and health insurers. America needs single payer heatlhcare ASAP.