February 28, 2010

Left Vs Right

Vocal Tea Party members often turn to historical references to justify their views. Yet, they also seem to have right wing views in support of the "free market" and constitutional rights of corporations. So, my question is, "are Tea Party members for the people or are they for the corporations?" Maybe they actually believe that corporations have the people's best interests at heart? ... as if corporations have hearts.

Left = government of the people, by the people, for the people

Right = government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations.

Adherents to the right wing reasoning seem to believe that the invisible hand of the free market will make all things good. Under this reasoning, it's in the people's best interest that the Wall Street insiders got phat-rich over the last decade AND got bailed out by the tax payers when their system collapsed. Of course, they argue that the collapse was all Clinton's fault, because he forced mortgage companies to sell houses to the poor.

Corporations are also "people" according to America's current laws, or at least according to activist judges making America's laws.

But fear not, slavery was once America's law of the land, and the Supreme Court upheld that law in . Not to be too cynical, history shows we can change the laws of the land. Yes, if we take the multi-generational view of our social struggle, we can envision hope.

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