January 16, 2010

Prosecution of Bush Officials

It took decades for Chile's Agusto Pinichet and Cambodian officials to face justice. The wheels of justice might turn slowly, but with our conviction in the principles, and our voices, we can ensure they grind their way to conclusion.

The increase in the volume of emails the I'm receiving on the prosecution of Bush and others for serious crimes is increasing. E-Mail titles include the following:
  • "Criminal Prosecution and Accountability"
  • "Bush Tortured"
  • "50 Top war criminals who need to be prosecuted"
  • "Holder Warned that Limited Investigation and Selective Prosecution would Violate the Law"
On the last item, the Convention Against Torture (CAT), signed by President Reagan, requires Attorney General Holder to investigate and hold accountable all those involved in torture. A letter signed by 150 organizations has been sent to Attorney General Holder. The Justice Department's credibility, and thus its legitimacy, is on the line.

The list goes on, and the momentum builds....

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Kvatch said...

The Justice Department's credibility, and thus its legitimacy, is on the line.

And how ironic that it will be Obama's Justice Department that has its credibility tested.

Shall we take bets on the outcome?

Mark Prime said...

I'll put my money on nothing happening to Bush and his minions and the "Obama is a traitor" whisper campaign to come full throat around 2012 election time. A bunch of insane bastards get to remain free and the janitor cleaning up their mess is whispered into a corner... I just hope Obama, Massachusetts wake-up call and the pathetic GOP/DEM infighting and finger pointing, comes out swinging and doesn't hold back until his "progresive agenda" is complete! Of course, he'll need to actually begin to appear and act more progressive before I give him a hall pass.

Mark Prime said...

By the way... There aren't enough Sham-Wows on the planet to actually clean up the mess that Bush left behind. Not in one single year to be sure...

libhom said...

Mark: You miss the point of Obama's critics. What is upsetting us isn't that he hasn't done everything yet? What is upsetting us is that he is trying to do the same things as the Bush Regime the overwhelming majority of the time.

GDAEman said...

It's that "establishment" thing, that we have to challenge... and Obama is part of it, even if he doesn't really have a choice.