January 24, 2010

ACTION Alert: Withdraw Bernanke Nomination

Ask President Obama to withdraw his nomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Former NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer has said, Bernanke is "complicit" in the in the events leading up to the financial collapse. Obama's response to this "collapse" has resulted in a further consolidation of financial power and a historic transfer of wealth from the many to the powerful few.

Tell Obaman that we can't keep papering over the deeper issues; Re-appointing Ben Bernanke is an example of papering over the financial corruption issue. Bernanke's nomination should be withdrawn.

Remember, the US Senate has to approve the President's nomination, so pressure on the Senate is also necessary.

For Your Convenience:

Thanks to the Godless Liberal Homo blog for raising this issue.


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libhom said...

Thanks for calling attention to the issue. I called Gillibrand's office last week, and she hadn't decided which way to go. I know that most of the Senators are in a bind because it's voters vs. donors. We need to keep up the pressure.