November 7, 2009

Clinton Link to CIA Operatives Convicted in Italian Court

As all should already know:

In a landmark case, twenty-three Americans, mostly CIA operatives, have been convicted in Italy for kidnapping a Muslim cleric from the streets of Milan in 2003.... The case marks the first time any American has been convicted for taking part in a so-called “extraordinary rendition.” [1]

The 2003 operation has been described in terms of the "Keystone Cops," ridiculed as inept and corrupted by by excesses:

CIA people had stayed, in five-star hotels, eating expensive meals with vintage wines, rented luxury automobiles—all at taxpayers’ expense. [1]

It's true that this particular operation was conducted on the watch of George W. Bush, and it might be tempting to for liberals to point out this conviction as another strike against Bush administration excesses. Sure, there's some truth in that; however, the reality is that this behavior is indicative of an establishment orientation that goes beyond Bush:

The case marks the first time any American has been convicted for taking part in a so-called “extraordinary rendition,” a practice the CIA has used, dating back to the Clinton administration, to kidnap wanted individuals anywhere in the world. [1]

More on "Challenging the Establishment."


1. DemocracyNow!, "Italian Prosecutor in Case Against CIA Operatives Hails Convictions for ’03 Kidnapping of Egyptian Cleric," November 6, 2009.



Pragpro said...

There are so many under reported stories, like the Internet Security Breach in 2007 and this,

My alma mater is doing their part.

libhom said...

I think people should stop calling it "extraordinary rendition" and call it "kidnapping and torture."

As for liberals, the Clintons are not ours to defend. They are Republicans in terms of policy. The only reason they haven't left the Democratic Party is that they are still bitter over the outcome of the Civil War.

football shirt said...

It's just a sad state of affairs when these news stories are simply dismissed and brushed aside by the public. An allied nation found 20 people from our country guilty and we pretend it never happened. We shouldn't be above the law.