November 23, 2009

Ask NY Times for a Fact Check

Some people have questioned whether or not US has actually invested $53 billion for relief and reconstruction in Iraq since 2003, as recently reported by the NY Times. We've all read articles about government auditors reporting billions of missing funds, overcharges, etc. So, GLH Blog questions whether the NY Times has done its fact-checking when reporting this $53 billion.

Here's a simple thing we can do together:

Send a letter to the editor of the NY Times asking them to do the following:

1) publish a summary cost accounting of the $53 Billion in projects and

2) make available the backup documentation on-line.

For Your Convenience:


GLH Blog



libhom said...

Thanks for the mention. I consider Iraq Veterans Against the War a far more reliable information source than any of the US corporate media.

GDAEman said...


Yes. IVAW are doing good work.