June 24, 2009

What's the Difference ....

.... between a suicide bomber at a funeral and a US Drone attack on a funeral?

In one case, the bomber dies and in the other case the bomber lives in Nevada and goes home after the bombing to see his child in a school play.

Talk about moral relativity. Add this to the list of things that show the presidency of the United States is not part of a republic of the people. The US presidency is as errant as Wall Street; it's all part of a crumbling empire that is out of control.

Today we hear reports that US drones attacked a funeral in Pakistan killing five militants and 75 civilians. Nice kill ratio. No different than a suicide bomber attacking a funeral... except for what I noted above.

I'm starting to feel like withdrawing all support from Obama, because he's become the figurehead of a crime syndicate. Does anyone else feel this way?

Psssst... Do Something


Associated Press, "Pakistani Taliban chief dodged missile: officials," Munir Ahmad, June 24, 2009.


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opit said...

I won't cite AP news items. Some time back it became evident they thought copyright included the ability to charge those who ADVERTISE THEIR ARTICLES.
I seldom shout - almost never - but that makes me think the old policy of sequestering writers behind a subscrition wall was positively public spirited in comparison.
'Has become the figurehead of a crime syndicate'. Let me know when you figure out for sure that the reason he seems to be that - is because that's an excellent description of the situation.
Nobody who makes obeisance to AIPAC - in effect supporting the Palestinian Occupation - and promises to 'retarget' US offence abroad from killing Iraqis to killing Afghans has made a proposal I consider constructive.
Nor do I consider indemnifying bankers who participated in a scam which wrecked the confidence underpinning loans by removing reasonable assurance of ability to repay progressive activity either. Rather it eats away at confidence in the base of international finance. Even though inertia is a fantastically stabilizing force, there are limits.
Mind - I'm naive. When the UK says Iran can't have access to monies on deposit...how does that encourage other countries to think that the banking system reliable ? Blatant manipulation is too narrow a boundary from theft for most of us to care about the difference - especially were we on the receiving end.