June 24, 2009

Is it Time to Challenge the World Establishment?

Ten Percent Blog concludes today's post with an open request for how to help Iranian's challenge their establishment without becoming tools of our own imperialist establishment:

Now, I am sick of writing about it, I want to find concrete practical things we can do to help. Suggestions welcome.

My suggestion follows:

One way we can help Iranians challenge their establishment is to challenge our own western establishments… what a “farce.” The inertia remaining from the fairly recent Greek uprisings, which spread around the world, provide a useful asset upon which to build.

On an individual level, we should use our strengths. You are a clear thinker and good writer. You should continue to make use of that strength, while others use their particular strengths.

We need to organize, and can do so in a distributed way… We should keep this impulse alive. My brief blog entry today reflects this impulse. Briefly, it concludes:

“I’m starting to feel like withdrawing all support from Obama, because he’s become the figurehead of a crime syndicate. Does anyone else feel this way?”

Psssst... Do Something



libhom said...

I withdrew my support for Obama before the general election and supported McKinney. My question is:

What's next, now?

GDAEman said...

We need to fined kindred spirits and coalesce for starters. Perhaps a little internet searching is in order.

Also, your idea of getting a handle on "left populism" should be a part of this movement to challenge establishment power.

Also, I've posted a Strategic Framework today 6/25. It can help bring organization to a distributed network of like-minded people.

Also, we need to make a commitment to this pursuit. We can say it's a Summer-long "experiment," for starters. And it would be nice to have immediate mutual support in this endeavor, you at GLH Blog and perhaps RB at Ten Percent Blog could do some "tag team" with me and a few others on this.

Also, we could consider spreading this impulse to other web sites, like Antemedius.

Those are some thoughts to consider.