April 17, 2007

Swimming with the Inside Crowd

I've gotta get off this Katie Couric kick....

This post was inspired by an exchange I had in the comment section of a post on High Tech Parent blog regarding Katie Couric's Plagiarism problem.

greebs said:

My version was simply "this is pathetic."

When it comes down to it, anyone making $15 million as a journalist should really be doing his or her own writing. That's a hard argument to work around.

greebs post.

My satirical response attempts to arugue around it:

greebs, didn't you get the memo? Oh, I guess you're not part of the inside crowd.

Well, it SAYS if you're really rich, you get other people to do things FOR you. You can even get other people to pay your taxes to fund the war.

That's how it works now. It's really cool. I sold some stock recently, that I picked up on a good tip, using a loan from a good friend, and then flipped it now I'm IN. Now we have a new maid named Lolita who's really awsome with the kids. Njuen does the garden, even when we're at our place in Paris, don't need to ask, he just takes care of it. Bjork has been maintaining my blog... I just send him e-mails with the theme, and he does the rest.

I have a friend who can get YOU in too. All you have to do is... well, we better talk about this off-line, if you know what I mean ;-)


Anonymous said...

Remember that episode of Seinfeld in which J. Peterman decided to buy Cramers's life as his own for his memoirs? Well, obviously others need to take a J. Peterman reality tour, complete with a pizza donut.

Daniel said...

15 million a year, eh! I was a journalist for a time and made very little. Perhaps I had some ethics! Silly me!


Rick said...

LOL! Great satire.