April 16, 2007

Imus vs Couric by Technorati Graphs

CBS has been in the spotlight lately due to the gaffes of Don Imus and Katie Couric. Clearly, the Imus "Nappy-Headed Hoe" issue has been bigger than the Katie Couric Video Notebook plagiarism issue, but how much bigger?

Technorati's records of blog site postings that mention "Imus" vs "Katie Couric" give some indication from the perspective of the blogosphere.

The upper graph to the right shows blog postings that include "Katie Couric." It shows a small baseline of activity surrounding a couple of spikes in the range of 300-400 hits per day. The second spike is a result of the library card story taken from a piece by Jeffrey Zaslow that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

The lower graph shows blog postings that include "Imus." It shows little or no baseline of activity, but a huge surge reaching nearly 14,000 at its peak.

So, "how much bigger?" The Imus story was about four to five times bigger than the Couric story at the peak.... assuming the Couric story has played out.


Rick said...

Very interesting. Although I would say Imus' gaffe had a more immediate impact, Couric's would have longer term impact. There's no instant gratification in addressing the Couric issue, though; there is in addressing the Imus issue.

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