March 11, 2007

Gonzales: Nice Guy but Corrupt

It's a basic principle of our republic; the United States Justice Department and Attorney General represent the people, not the President. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has shown a pattern of crossing that line, both personally and via actions of the Department. Now, the pressure is building for Gonzales to resign.

There is a petition drive to impeach Alberto Gonzales. According to former Nixon Attorney John Dean:

The Constitution's Impeachment Clause applies to all "civil officers of the United States" - not to mention the president, vice president and federal judges... the group certainly includes a president's cabinet and sub-cabinet, as well as the senior department officials and the White House staff (those who are issued commissions by the president and serve the President and Vice President).
The list of abuses is long, and the dark depths are chilling:

  • Creating a new legal category of humans: "Enemy Combatant."

  • Applying the principle of "guilt by association" in defining someone as an enemy combatant

  • Finding that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to this new category of humans.

  • Legalizing Torture for this new category of humans.

  • Legalizing kidnapping, international transport, detention and torture without legal representation.

  • Opening private mail without a warrant.

  • Massive program for sweeping up e-mails without warrants.

  • Surveillance of domestic phone calls without warrants.

  • FBI Abuse of the USA PATRIOT Act to obtain private records without warrants.

  • Firing U.S. prosecutors who posed political threats because they were honest.


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He should be fired now