August 26, 2006

Stratfor: US Has Lost Iraq War

"The US must now make an enormously difficult decision. If it simply withdraws from Iraq, it leaves the Arabian Peninsula open to Iran and loses all psychological advantage it gained with the invasion of Iraq.[1] If American forces stay in Iraq, it will be as a purely symbolic gesture, without any hope for imposing a solution." [2]

In other words, the US has lost the Iraq war. The grunts on the ground in Iraq will know that the risk they are taking, with shrapnel zining by their heads, is for no good cause.

In other words, the Bush administration has made a huge, predictable blunder... but I still ask, did they do this on purpose for some ulterior motive, such as, "Less Government" and thus more corporate power?


[1] It could be argued that any psychological advantage is already lost. See:
James Galbraith Observation in the last paragraph of my post "Hezbollah is Clearly the Winner."

[2] George Friedman, Stratfor, "Breakpoint: What went wrong," reprinted in John Mauldin's August Issue of "Outside the Box."

[3] Implications for getting drawn into war with Iran. Analysis Suggesting Near-Insurmountable Pressures will pull the US into war in Iran

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