October 6, 2009

Follow-up on Arrested Korean Blogger

Remember the the Korean blogger arrested in January of this year for accurately predicting the fall of Lehman Brothers and the fall of the won?

What happened to the blogger Park Dae-Sung?

The 31-year-old Park, better known as his pen name "Minerva,'' was arrested early this year on charges of circulating false rumors in cyberspace but was exonerated in April. The prosecutors appealed the court decision, though.... The lawsuit is likely to continue for several years.

MORE from the Korea Times, September 28, 2009.



libhom said...

So much for democracy and freedom in South Korea.

Adelas said...

I just heard about this. Is there any further information about this situation? I haven't been able to find anything more recent than your post, so if you have heard anything new I would like to hear it.