July 14, 2009

More Reading and Less Writing

A more "personal" post... My blogging frequency has been down lately. With travel and partying, including preparing to host festivities, the world .... just keeps on keep'n on.

GDAE Podcast Episode 16 is under development, but admittedly behind. I've started another blog entitled "Challenge the Establishment " blog I'm inviting people to co-write with me... of course, the posts would have to be about challenging the staus quo and those who seek to impose it on the unwashed masses... that's us... we? ... the people.

OK. Enough said to constitute a legitimate post. Now for a little eye-candy.


Photo Credit: lilminx16


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libhom said...

I personally don't like group blogs as much. I really like the emphasis on individual voices. Voices which usually are censored by corporate interests are especially interesting to me.