October 2, 2008

Biden Palin Debate Highlights

"Fear, Fear, Fear" says Palin in her opening debate response.

Dodge, Dodge, Dodge the question Sarah.

Team of "Mavericks." If you say so Sarah.

"Never Again" will a corrupt speculative bubble be allowed to grow and burst if Palin and McCain win. OK. If they win, lets hold them to the regulatory oversight Palin has promised.

Palin side-steps the question about McCain's record on deregulation, twice, an very blatantly shifting the question to... a Republican favorite, buying votes with tax cuts.

Then there is the tax question:

Palin plays the "redistribution of wealth" card.... in this case, opposing the redistribution from the ultra wealthy to the middle class. She still believes in trickle-down economics despite the train wreck that we're experiencing because of.... trickle-down economic ideology.

Oh Boy! The health care "ultimate bridge to nowhere" line by Biden deserves more air play.

Taking on the oil companies in Alaska. Did she really break up a monopoly?

Yea. Windfall profits tax on the oil companies. Let see you implement that nationally Sarah.

Uh, Sara. You mean toxic waste on wall street that's affecting main street. Will any of the pundits mention her freudian slip in reversing the streets?

Sarah is a question-dodge. Will she and McCain support reducing both interest and the cost (principle) of the houses to keep people from being foreclosed upon.

Sarah and climate change. "I don't want to argue about the charges." At least she finally admits we've got to reduce emissions.

Some people might be happy that Joe Biden referred to off shore drilling as "raping" the coastline. Not Sarah.

What was the answer on civil unions Sarah? Not the the "marriage" question. Another obvious dodge.

"Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq." Well, now there is some "straight talk," not presidential, but straight.

Obama is not just naive, not just a bad judge, he is "down right dangerous" when it comes to negotiating directly with adversarial foreign leaders. (Fear, Fear, Fear).

World view: America is that nation of exceptionalism, which is why we can attack countries, unprovoked, and it's "OKaeee". The US can do no wrong. When the US kills civilians it's OK because the US is exceptional.

"Consummate Maverick." Are we supposed to believe that?

How many times did Palin say "Maverick" in this debate?

Oooo. The "Maverick he is not" memorable line by Biden blasting McCain's claim to be a Maverick.

Fight Fight Fight, says Sarah. Nice closing statement. Apparently Republicans like fighting.



libhom said...

You are more patient than I. I can not bring myself to watch those debates.

Anonymous said...

'Fair' is relative (not a relative)

"Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat, cited an e-mail exchange in which George Walker, President Bush's cousin and a member of the Lehman executive committee, mocked a proposal for top company executives to forego their 2008 bonuses.

Walker responded to the proposal from a fund manager at Lehman unit Neuberger Berman by saying, "Sorry, team. I'm not sure what's in the water" at the unit's headquarters.

Fuld also dismissed the idea. "Don't worry -- they are only people who think about their own pockets," he said in an e-mail to Walker.

"In ... my block in Baltimore," said Cummings, "if they perform poorly, they get fired. They certainly do not get a bonus."

Rep. Waxman said Fuld's compensation did not seem fair given the fact that Lehman collapsed, wiping out all shareholder value.