June 4, 2008

Obama the Nominee

It was odd to see the headlines yesterday, "Obama Clinches Nomination; Clinton Seeks VP Spot."

I can't say whether or not this was widely voiced by the establishment media (I try to avoid that media), but it was a Yahoo! News headline.

Here's what I've urged Obama to do. You can Contact Obama too:

Please do NOT put H. Clinton on the ticket. She is very divisive, even if it's not her fault.

DO offer John Edwards the Attorney General position. Let him gather evidence on Bush et al. for future prosecution. The Nation cannot accept impunity if it is to survive in the long run.

Prosecute Bush et. al., Chapter 1 [3-min Video]



Anonymous said...

Also, if Obama were to have Hillary as VP he would get a 2-for-1, which has the potential of making his own Presidency untenable.

He could offer her a position on the Supreme Court. With two of the justices waiting for Bush to leave so they can retire, we know there will be a vacancy. HRC is a skilled and able lawyer, and is probably legally qualified (IANAL). She would be assured of a position that keeps her in the think of things in Washington (which she seems to want) and with the ability to affect the law and (hopefully) to help society. She would be a counterbalance to the current cabal, and she seems to like to be in the position, which would be good.

libhom said...

Clinton is too right wing for the court.

GDAEman said...

Anony, I appreciate your comment, but I agree with Libhom. H. Clinton is a corporate toady (long-time WalMart board member, too close to the DLC, believes in "free trade).