October 17, 2007

General Strike November 6, 2007

Why "strike" against the Iraq war and for upholding the Bill of Rights?

Garret Keizer, who suggests a general strike in the October issue of Harpers magazine puts it this way:

The strikers remind their overlords—and, equally important, themselves—that the seemingly perpetual machinery of daily life has an off switch as well as an on.

Do we have overloards in this day and age? As the former Defense Secretary would say, "you bet." Not only establishment people, but inhuman establishment corporations serve as modern day overlords

Keizer, himself inspired by poet C├ęsar Vallejo, inspires us to break from the norm of our daily lives:

A young man goes to Walter Reed without a face. Shall I make an appointment with my barber? A female prisoner is sodomized at Abu Ghraib. Shall I send a check to the Clinton campaign?

On November 6, 2007 we need to send a message to the establishment: Ordinary people are not stupid. We are getting organized to re-establish power into the hands of the people.

Both Republican and Democratic parties, and their joint corporate backers, need to be put on notice: No more business as usual. The ground swell is building.

Specific Suggestion:
Don't go to work on Tuesday November 6, 2007, or wear a black arm band and be prepared to say it is in support of the Bill of Rights.

Be prepared to give examples:
  • Threats to habeas corpus (Military Commissions Act applies to US citizens)
  • Military databases of peace protesters,
  • Warrant less surveillance (e-mail captured by ATT, phone taps, sneak-and-peek)
  • Torture memos of the US Justice Department
  • Presidential Signing Statements saying Bush will not follow some laws
  • Secrecy through executive privilege
  • Blocking judicial processes via "state secrets" "Privilege"
The list goes on. Memorize some points and be ready to rattle them off on November 6.


Garret Keizer, Specific Suggestion: General Strike, Harpers Magazine, October 2007 Issue

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