May 14, 2006

Time for Cheney to Resign

As of May 14, 2006, a Google search of the exact phrase "time for cheney to resign" finds about 26 posts. With Cheney the focus of a recent court filing by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald in the CIA Leak case, we can expect that number rise.


26 posts as of May 14, 2006
32 posts as of May 21, 2006
791 posts as of September 18, 2006
85 posts as of December 31, 2006
43 posts as of January 23, 2007
1,310 posts as of April 28, 2007

I suppose that trend will give Cheney's heart some relief... for a while. Google it yourself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love your comment about the internet not lying.

That may be why the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenu is clueless about this "internets"!!!

dumbya and the fellow members of his regime have not concept of truth, so.....

(I'm so disgusted, I refuse to refer to that person by the title that he stole both times)

Regina H.