December 9, 2005

Appeal for Hostage Release

The deadline set for execution of the four Christian Peace activists taken hostage has arrived. I add my small voice to those appealing for their release.

Many in the Iraqi resistance understand that these activists are not religious missionaries, and in fact spoke out in opposition before the US invasion. They also rightly think that the killing of these people would undermine the legitimacy of the resistance.

Many appeals are being by iraqis on behalf of the hostages. For example....

During prayers in the al-Imam al-Aadam mosque in Baghdad's predominantly Sunni Arab neighborhood of Azamiyah in north Baghdad, cleric Ahmed Hassan Taha demanded that the four charity workers be released.

"I stress on the necessity to release the four kidnapped foreigners who have helped the residents of Azamiyah," he said. "We ask those who have authority and power to do their best to release the four European people who work in Christian peace organization, in fact those activists were the first who condemned the war on Iraq." (AP)

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